Modeling of temperature distribution of the mobile enviroment with pulse sources of heat

In the thesis the new mathematical model of temperature field for the mobile isotropic environment with periodically operating heat sources is built. The mathematical model of the thermal process in the mobile environment in the form of a nonlocal problem with integral condition was built. The possibility and the limits of the integral condition for finding the solution of inverse problems and determining the main parameters of control the temperature field is shown. The method of search of parameter of control the temperature field is offered. The parameters of control for the temperature field for different materials and different environmentalconditions of heat exchange surface of the cylinder are obtained.

Автори: Kobilskaya E.
Дата публікації: 2012-03-10
Опубліковано: XIV International PhD Workshop OWD 2012. Conference archives PTETIS, vol.31., – Wisla. – рр. 210-213

09:33:23 11.12.2014